Sports specials appreciated

I want to publicly thank AtWater for producing a series of specials on Cayman sports and making them available to the whole world for free; and I want to urge everyone who has not seen them, to take a few minutes to entertain and educate yourself.

I was aware of the series of sports specials being made (four so far) but had only seen one of the first three. When the most recent, about swimming, came out I appreciated it so went back and checked out the first two. Not just enjoyable, educational and somehow really important, but stories of good people in our community doing great stuff in wonderful, sports ways.

All four of the sports specials (rugby, football in three parts, women in sports, swimming, 30 minutes each) offer inspirational and impressive stories -of young footballers pursuing their dreams abroad, along with the sacrifice of their families; all the inspirational women, opportunities taken and wanted for younger athletes; the pursuit of excellence amongst us; the place sports has in lives, the life lessons, skills and work ethic taught; coaches demonstrating true love of a sport, by giving back – a good approach; mostly about origins and Caymanians.

Sharing the swim piece with family and friends around the world (easy- just send the link!), I got a response from a VP of FINA (the worldwide governing body of swimming) and his comment could be applied to all the specials: “A wonderful chapter of Cayman sports history. It faithfully shows how the determined efforts of a few dedicated people could have such an enormous impact on Cayman youth for many years in the future.”

So thanks to AtWater, a small private company, for focusing on the positive, dedicated low-key people amongst us. Also a big thanks to the sponsors. I hope even more step up, as it would be invaluable to have one of these excellent specials on many more of the sports in Cayman. There are so many more positive stories to tell. Thank you.

Sarah Mackay

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