Fast pitch sluggers target youth with social services

Softball players want to develop more young talent. 

The Cayman Islands Softball Association has plans to host clinics and further partner with the Cayman Islands Little League Association to keep youngsters on the diamond through to adulthood. 

Marlon Thomas coordinates the softball association’s 2013 fast-pitch league and states the idea is to sustain interest in the sport. 

“An Annual General Meeting was held earlier in the year and we pretty much have all the relevant posts filled,” Thomas said. “The association’s goal is to become more involved in the community by trying to give back. We intend to liaise with social services on this and see how best to approach. 

“We also will be working closely with the Little League association in providing clinics for kids and partnering in trying to bring coaches and possibly teams from abroad to do clinics and play scrimmage games.” 

The fast-pitch league is into week eight of its men’s division and week six of the female division. According to the last available association standings, the 6-1 Jose’s Escape Pirates are the male leaders while reigning champions, the Cayman Auto Diagnostic Clinic Stingers, pace the ladies. 

Jose’s Escape, affectionately called team Nicaragua by participants, have relied on the likes of Mel Omier to excel at the softball field in West Bay. They lead Alexis Camacho and the reigning two-time champions, 3-3 Redimix Patriots (who are often called team Colombia) and 1-6 Donald Watler’s Latinos, often called team Cuba. 

The Stingers, under coaches Robbie Cribb Sr and John Cridland, have excelled with likes of Stephanie Watler. Chasing them are the Caledonian Wildcats and Carneth Thomas’ Team Extreme. 

Marlon Thomas states league players will get involved in the clinics. 

“We are committed to helping with the kids and improving the level of softball and baseball so I will be having some further talks with our male and female players to start coordinating clinics and providing assistance to local Little League and any kid interested in learning and playing the sport of softball and baseball. 

“But we would not be able to accomplish a lot of what we have without our faithful sponsors throughout the years and the volunteers and fans.” 

League games continue this weekend. For the men, Latinos have a double-header as they face Patriots at 2.30pm before battling Pirates at 4.30pm on Sunday, 12 May. For the women, Wildcats face Team Extreme at 8.15pm on Saturday, 
11 May. 

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