Bolt wants to strike again here

Lightning struck as expected and everybody fortunate to witness it agreed it was another “Bolt” of brilliance.  

Jamaican sprint sensation Usain “Lightning” Bolt dazzled and flashed down the 100 metres straight at the Truman Bodden Sports Complex on Wednesday night, albeit to a sprint finish win. 

Although it wasn’t as fast as he wanted, considering a hamstring strain made him pull out of the Jamaican Invitational on Saturday, Grand Cayman was grateful for any performance. And he had a fabulous time, too, which augurs well for the future.  

Bolt’s time of 10.09 seconds was shared with fellow Jamaican Kemar Bailey-Cole, but the six-time Olympic gold medallist was actually slightly faster when timed by the thousandths.  

Bolt was philosophical after. “I felt good yesterday and much better. Today I don’t know what happened, I didn’t feel the power in my blocks and got a bad start,” he said.  

“But I got to 50 metres and it wasn’t a normal meet and I guess I must go back to the drawing board.  

“Last week in training we had a little problem, but we’ve got to get it right, we’ve got a long season to go so that’s good.  

“For me, I didn’t talk to my coach (Glen Mills). We understand what we have to work on.  

“It’s always good to run under 10 seconds and I was surprised I didn’t run under it.  

“Last season was the same thing and I bounced back very well, so I just have to figure out the problem and go on from there.  

“I cannot really blame it on the hamstring. I’m just glad I came through injury free and I’m happy I got the race done and will figure out what I’ve got to work on.”  

Bolt mentioned that he would be back next year because he had such a superb time here. The Jamaican support worked a treat.  

“I like to come to countries that give me so much energy, so I really like to thank the organisers,” Bolt added. “The crowd really showed us a lot of support and it’s really wonderful.”  

Other highlights of the meet included Carmelita Jeter winning the women’s 100m in 10.95 seconds, Luguelin Santos coasting to the 400m title in 45.35 seconds and Caymanian Carl Morgan winning the long jump with 7.78 metres.  

The meet was another resounding success for Cayman’s Cydonie Mothersill-Stephens, who used all the goodwill and experience as a world class athlete she had gained to pull the big names to the second annual Cayman Invitational. 

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