Nannies taught how to teach

Teaching nannies and domestic helpers to be co-educators of the children they are charged with has become a priority for at least one parent teacher association. 

Literacy Coach Latasha Miller, along with teachers Jessica Jackson, Joanan Jackson, Iriny Grant, and Brenden Smith, facilitated sessions for 40 attendees at Prospect Primary School, which was hosted by Principal Gloria Bell on Tuesday night. 

The discussions and small-group presentations focused on reinforcing an emphasis on phonetic word development and fun, as well as using popular media – from TV shows to websites and magazine ads – to foster interest in learning and comprehension. 

Facilitators encouraged those present to make early learning a part of their daily routines. They also offered tips, from creating shopping lists together, to having fun in the kitchen. 

While a similar programme was previously held for parents, Prospect Primary’s strategic team devised this initiative for nannies, who will receive certificates of participation. The school’s PTA sponsored the evening’s refreshments. 

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