Editorial for 15 May: One week left to keep it clean

In one week, eligible voters in the Cayman Islands will go
to the polls to elect the next government that will oversee this country.

So far it’s been a typical campaign season with mud
slinging, accusations and spin.

Yes, many candidates have managed to stay out of the fray
and we applaud them for sticking with the issues and telling the country their
plans for righting our ship.

As we get through the next week, the Caymanian Compass will
continue to bring you the news of the day and concentrate on election issues.

What we will not do is be used by any individual or group
through our Letters to the Editor section to espouse one candidate, party or
alliance over another. The best avenue for that is through our advertising

And we certainly aren’t going to let the Letters section be
used to libel anyone or to discuss sub judice issues.

Voters who haven’t made up their mind on whose names they
will tick in the voting booth have seven days to make up their minds.

Candidates who haven’t gotten their message over in clear
and concise ways have one week to do so.

Above all, candidates are being asked by us all, including
the Elections Office, to keep it clean.

As Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez and his deputies
said, healthy debate and dialogue on election issues are an important part of
the democratic process and a manifestation of the right to freedom of

The office even sent out a press release recently reminding
candidates to refrain from using political broadcasts or any other means – that
includes the pages of this newspaper – to engage in scandalous or defamatory
statements against others.

There’s a section of the Elections Law that considers
political broadcasts/announcements that are blasphemous, obscene, indecent,
profane or scandalous to be illegal.

Candidates found guilty face a $500 fine or imprisonment for
six months for each illegal practice. Let’s keep it clean.


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