Fishermen, tour boats exempted from new tax

Charter boats and commercial fishermen will no longer have to pay new licensing fees that were aimed at luxury boat owners in the Cayman Islands last year.  

According to regulations approved by Cabinet and made public last week, registering fees charged based on the length of a watercraft will not apply to commercial vessels.  

The revised Port Authority of the Cayman Islands regulations state: “Where a local vessel is used for commercial purposes, the owner of the vessel shall be exempt from paying the fee so specified in respect of such vessel”. 

Tourism Minister Cline Glidden Jr. said earlier in the year that the new fee schedule had been inadvertently applied to tour boats, charters and commercial fishermen, contrary to 
legislative intent.  

“There was a specific exemption [for commercial vessels], but apparently it got miscommunicated,” 
Mr. Glidden said.  

The luxury watercraft fee increases were approved as part of a raft of new fees and taxes during the last government budget process, and the biggest fees were charged to boats longer than 30 feet.  

Rates on vessels between 31 and 40 feet went up from $300 to $1,000. For vessels between 41 and 50 feet, the rates went up from $300 to $2,000. Similar scale increases were introduced on a sliding scale up to 100 feet.  

The top rate previously was a charge of $1,000 for boats of more than 70 feet. The top rate is now $10,000 for boats of more 
than 100 feet. 


  1. Why MLA cuts where they can make money, all vessels over 6ft in length should pay a registration fee and given a number to be displayed and all persons operating any vessel over 6ft should take a basic (STCW95 and Navigation rules) operator class and pay a operator fee, government will make revenue and operators are competent (reduce maritime accidents and lost of life) and the RCIPS Marine Unit can do more boarder protection not towing people who forget to put gas in boat or investigating accidents because persons don’t know, who is to give way. MLA only want to go up on fees( car license Customs duties) rather than inventing new ways of generating revenue, typical of all MLA lets benefit of the spoils as a MLA but burden our country with our lack

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