BT Heritage Committee presents ‘Mayfest’

On May 20, the Harry McCoy Park on Gun Square Road will feature some “old time ting” with a flair that will highlight a host of international cuisine and entertainment including Cayman. 

The multicultural day will be an opportunity to enhance cultural awareness and to remind people of the similarities and differences among cultures, so the group is inviting every one to come out and support the cause.  

Long time ago in Cayman, entertainment consisted only of what locals could put together with what they had; and that was very little. An iron pot strummed with an old beat up spoon, a flute, an old saw, and a shaker made from cow skin but what a time they had jigging away in someone’s kitchen as a pot of fish rundown bubbled on the caboose nearby. 

The Bodden Town Heritage Committee is hosting the Mayfest event to give locals a taste of the rest of the world. No admission is charged, but donations to the park’s enhancement are encouraged.  

In North America, people use a knife and fork; Asians use chopsticks and Africans their right hands. Attend this event and you might just see a Caymanian chicken use his feet. These trained and well behaved chickens will also make their debut at the event when caller Pedro Watler gives his signature call for lunch. 

A fancy hat parade, a national costume competition, junkanoo, quadrille dancers, local performers, historical art exhibitions, cultural displays, a vintage fashion show, an appearance by Miss Bodden Town and local and international foods and drinks. Jamaica curry goat, Cayman stew turtle, Chinese spring rolls, Filipinos roast pork, India, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Barbados and the likes will be a part of the family-friendly event. 

Food, food and more food, even flags of the various countries created by artisan Pedro Watler will be flying high in the event. 

“We wanted to make it an international event so that people from other countries will be able to showcase their local food and heritage with costumes and entertainment,” said committee member Florance Wood. 

“The money raised will go toward further park improvements and events. “Already we have raised funds and established an old time Cayman Kitchen, chicken coop, back house caboose, bandstand and other sites of interest in the park so that others using the park will also be able to embrace the Caymanain heritage.” 

According to Ms Wood, local performers such as Quincy Brown, school children, story teller Twyla Vargas and others dressed in old time clothes will be on hand to serve and entertain guests. A house on the site will also feature a delightful arts and craft display made up by hands of the heritage group. 

“This is our second year to do it and we invite the whole community,” said Ms Wood, who is helping coordinate the event this year. 

A favourite of the kids will likely be bouncing castle and face painting, Live music as well as quadrille dancers will also be part of the day’s festivities. 

At the park, vendors will be on hand to selling a variety of home cooked foods handmade crafts and local drinks. 

“We just want everyone to have a really good time and enjoy the day of get-together and activities at the park,” said Ms Wood.