Commonwealth election observers arrive


A team of six election observers began arriving in the Cayman Islands Friday ahead of the 22 May general election.

Head of Mission, Mario Galea, MP of Malta, said he and five other Commonwealth observers brought to Cayman at the expense of the United Kingdom’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office said his team would be interested only in the electoral process next Wednesday, not the outcome.

In addition to Mr. Galea, the other five Commonwealth observers will be Scottish MP Margaret Mitchell, Senator Philip Ozouf of Jersey, Speaker Randolph Horton of the Bermudian Parliament, Fern Narcis of Trinidad and Tobago and Juanita Barker of Guyana.

The group’s mission will cover pre-election activities, election day polling, tabulation and results, and post-election activities. Its preliminary findings will be published within two days of the election date and a final report issued within two months, Mr. Galea said.

Mr. Galea said he did not want to give an impression by the observing team’s presence that anything was wrong with the Cayman Islands elections process.

“I think this gives more credibility  to the electoral process and also it validates the elected members,” he said.

A separate team of local election observers will operate independently from the Commonwealth-appointed team under the direction of the Elections Office.


  1. All well and good but would Mario Galea not be better off back home in Malta dealing with the corruption that plagues that island.

    I have no quarrel with outside election observers but you have to question what this particular gentleman is doing here. It’s worth doing a Google search to find out more about him.

  2. Perhaps the Malta Government is glad to have Mr Galea off island for at least a few weeks? They could send him to Zimbabwe or Somalia next.

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