Postal service develops 
‘Watch for Request’ system

The Cayman Islands Postal Service has added a new service to assist customers who are expecting small packages or parcels from overseas that have been improperly addressed.

The service, “Watch for Request”, was developed for customers who, for whatever reason, were unable to include a post office box number and or postcode when placing an order. As the public is aware, the postal service delivers mainly to post office boxes and not physical addresses. The exception to this is when using the courier service, Express Mail Service.

Melissa Martinez-Ebanks, deputy postmaster general for operations and human resources, said the service has been in place for years, but staff have been seeing an increase in the number of parcels arriving without post office box numbers.

“In the past, customers have called CIPS staff to request us to keep an ‘eye out’ for the item, and though the parcel post staff makes every effort to assist, the volume is such that they can’t adequately track all these requests,” Ms Martinez-Ebanks said. “So we decided to formalise the process.”

The new process is linked to the service’s parcel post database and the system automatically checks each new parcel processed against a list and alerts staff when an item is received.

In order to make a “watch for” request, the addressee must have a valid item number. This service is for items that can be tracked with a 13-character alpha-number unique identifier, which begins and end with two letters (i.e. CP12345679US).

It is most often listed on the receipt of posting, which the sender received when the item was posted. If customers suspect their item is being shipped to a physical address rather than the post office box, then they can now go to the website forms page and fill out the relevant information. The forms will also be available at district post offices.

“This allows us to notify the addressee via email, when the item arrives,” she said. “Our goal is that this process will assist customers who are waiting on a parcel and eliminate the need for them to keep checking back to see if their item has arrived.”

“As part of our normal processing of parcels and packages, which Customs has requested be held for inspection, a printed notice is sent to the mail box listed as part of the item’s delivery address,” she added. “This form is to be used when an addressee wishes for the CI postal service to ‘watch for’ a specific item.”


  1. Interesting. How about postal service employees actually reading what is written on the package or letter? Few times my mail from overseas was not delivered,even though a physical address was written on it,including name of a very large and known company I work for? the po box number was missing,because the sender did not mail it via a courier,but rather via post. All one had to do was use its brain a little,or a phone book where po boxes of most companies are shown.

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