All Stars glowing with pride

All Stars netball club are beaming over a pair of trophies this year. 

Its A and B squads would win the Championship and Plate Divisions of the Cayman Islands Netball Association 2013 Open League this month at Camana Bay’s Arts and Recreation Centre. 

For club head coach Nicola Williams, the triumphs speak to team members persevering through adversity. 

“I would just really like to congratulate all the players from both teams who made the commitment to the club and stuck through it, even when the journey started to become difficult,” Williams said. 

“But I must make special mention of the A Team defence in the finals as it was off the chain. To Teneisha Wilson, Goal Keeper, Cynthia Collington, Goal Defence and Tashena Parks, Wing Defence, I say well done ladies, great job hanging in there and giving me more than I asked for as a coach.” 

All Stars A secured their second straight national championship by beating Storm Radarz, 42-38. Williams led by example as Goal Shooter with Goal Attack Carolyn Vivian, Wing Attack Kayon Clarke, Centre Katherine Maws and subs Lyneth Monteith, Adena Miller, Andrea Singh, Pauline Bodden and Tishelle Logan filling out the roster. 

Storm, under head coach Milton Clarke and sponsored by Lone Star, could not stop the champs from going the entire season undefeated. The Radarz featured top players like supreme shooter Kay Copeland, attacking stalwart Sophia Foster and defender Carrie Barnett.  

For many players like Dazema Ricketts and Nicola Pringle, it is the second straight year they have fallen short to All Stars in the national finals. In 2012, they played for the now-defunct Roma team. 

Monteith, one of All Stars’ most senior members, states that history with some of the Radarz made the 2013 title sweeter. 

“There were many who thought that the win last year was a one-off occurrence,” Monteith said. “It was important to show those persons and the general public that our skill level is at the optimum and one which other teams would do well to emulate.” 

All Stars B, sponsored by Cayman National Bank, capped off its season by defeating Rising Stars B by some 16 points. GD Keisha Solomon and WD Noviann McLean held firm on defence for All Stars, holding off opposing attackers like Aaliyah Webb and Alexis Carias. 

Williams states that squad’s success, which saw only one loss all season, was in the making from last year. 

“The team did not win last season as our B team last year ended up in the senior division, where they played teams like Rising Star A, Roma and our A team, which saw them coming out fourth. 

“So, with that said, it was definitely in the cards for them to win the B division title.” 

Both All Stars teams figure to swoop up much of the awards at the association’s season-ending function on Thursday, 30 May. The John Gray High School hall will serve as host from 7 to 9pm. 

From there, many All Stars players will focus on preparing for Glasgow, Scotland as the Cayman Islands national Under-21 team competes at the World Youth Netball Championships this August. 

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