The Ultimate goal is more fun

As ultimate frisbee continues its renaissance, one person that could have a starring role is Kevin Zimmer. 

The British Columbia native is a regular participant in the sport and was a steady face at the recent clinics held at the Camana Bay Sports Field. 

Zimmer, 31, said the expansion of ultimate to regular Tuesday night sessions is a positive. 

“I think the Tuesday clinics are a great chance to get new people into the game as well as giving current players a chance to try new techniques and positions in a less formal game,” Zimmer said. “I hope to see ultimate frisbee grow in the Cayman Islands, maybe to the point where we could start a league.” 

The next Tuesday gathering is expected to be on 21 May from 7.45pm to 9.30pm with a focus on fundamentals. 

Steve Weitzman has been the chief coordinator of the Tuesday sessions, with help from two of the original four organisers in Badir Awe and Scott Murray. Roughly 20 people attended each night to learn skills like throwing and the basics of offence and defence. 

The Tuesday clinics complement the established Friday night pick-up games, which run at Camana Bay every week from 5.30pm until about 7pm. Weitzman, Awe and Murray have ensured ultimate has had a presence in Cayman since 2009.  

Going forward, Weitzman and Awe will be left to keep the sport going as Murray left Cayman last week, joining Josh Lavelle as the second cofounder to leave the Island in recent years. 

Ultimate is an intriguing discipline for many local sports people, having attracted the likes of multi-sport star Simon Rivers, basketball player Jeremy Strickland and swim coach Andy Copley. Zimmer is also part of that group, as he competes in flag football alongside fellow ultimate enthusiasts Walker Romanica and Chip Whitney. 

Zimmer, Romanica and Whitney figure to be busy in the coming weeks playing for the Mustangs, formerly the Dog House Bulldogs, in the national men’s league. Zimmer states ultimate will continue to be part of his active lifestyle due to the cardiovascular benefits. 

“I’ve been in Cayman for six years, I work for Cayman Eco Adventures doing trips to Stingray City and boat charters on the North Sound. I got into ultimate about three years ago and I think ultimate is a great activity that combines good cardio exercise with a competitive but good-natured game.” 

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