Deputy Supervisor reports smooth sailing so far

Voting had been progressing at a minute per elector up to 5pm, according to election observers.

Deputy Election Supervisor Orrett Connor said that everything had been going well.

“As we had expected the lines would be fairly long early in the morning then taper off in the afternoon… the long nights of training have paid off tremendously and we feel like [the staff] has been doing a great job,” he said.

There had been no complaints from the public, added Mr. Connor, in terms of line waiting times.

“I visited quite a few polling stations [and there were no major issues reported.] I asked people how long they had been waiting… when we look at the stats and what we wanted our staff to accomplish in time to poll an elector, based on the figures we had and the number of hours we had to poll we were required to poll an elector in a minute were all electors to come to the poll.”

He said that had been the case in general and that the longest line wait he had heard had been 20 minutes.

In terms of turnout, Mr. Connor said that the trend was a ‘little behind’ previous years but that he hoped that pace would pick up by the 6pm cutoff deadline.

“We hope we can get to our traditional point in the low 80 [per cent],” he noted.

“We initially predicted somewhere in the 90 [per cent region]. If we get between 81 and 84 per cent that would be good for us.”

A younger generation of voters mobilising would affect this figure, he said.

“[This will be based] on the increased number of electors and amount of young electors, which is greater. We know that the older registered voters will come out and vote but hopefully we will see the numbers jump [in the younger generation].

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