Number of voters exceeds 2009 election total


Nearly seventy per cent of Cayman’s eligible voters have now put their marks next to the names of their preferred candidates.

By 3pm a total of 12,786 people had voted, which equated to 69.25 per cent. This number exceeded the amount of people voting in the entire election of 2009, which reached 12,360 votes in total when all polls closed.

The 2009 turnout represented 80.54 per cent of the voting population. There are more than 3,000 additional voters eligible for the 2013 election.

Leading the pace in the districts is East End, which has now reached 71.21 per cent of its potential votes. George Town, the largest district, has received 70.9 per cent of possible votes, West Bay 68.79 per cent, the Sister Islands 67.45 per cent and North Side 66.61 per cent.

In total, 11,534 people had voted in person today. That’s 63.07 per cent of voters. This figure does not include postal and mobile ballots.

The total number of votes recorded island-wide for the 1pm to 3pm timeframe was 1,702. The previous election’s 1pm to 3pm total was 1,420.

Polls remain open until 6pm.

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