Governor: 'Get out there and vote'

The Governor’s message to the Cayman Islands was that it was an opportunity for people to participate in the democratic process.

At just after 1pm, Duncan Taylor visited the Command Centre on his way to check on the action in the districts. Mr. Taylor said he was very interested in the process of his first and probably last election in the Cayman Islands, although he noted that he had experienced the One Man One Vote ballot last year.

Mr. Taylor advised eligible voters to participate in the democratic process and said that the turnout numbers of 60 per cent by 1pm would be considered very good in many countries around the world.

As the person which appoints the supervisor of elections, he said, he had an interest in making sure that everyone understood their rights, how to vote and the process. He said that signs were that a high turnout would be achieved for the day as a whole, which he dubbed ‘encouraging’ and demonstrated the interest in the election.

Mr. Taylor added that there was always a lot riding on the results of an election and that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office would always be monitoring results in the overseas territories to work out who they will be dealing with as new governments were elected.

The Governor said he was interested in the International Observers who he had met with earlier in the week. He said that they had plenty of experience. Mr. Taylor further noted that he was an official local observer, a status he needed in order to be granted access to the Command Centre and other areas.

Mr. Taylor ended with a message to the people of the Cayman Islands.

“Like in any democracy, this is your opportunity to get your views heard so get out there and vote,” he said.