C4C breaks UDP monopoly in WB

final results are now in and it appears that at least one member of the Cayman
Islands Legislative Assembly from West Bay will not be a member of the United
Democratic Party.  

Rivers, an independent candidate supported by the Coalition for Cayman, has
been elected in West Bay along with UDP members McKeeva Bush, Bernie Bush and
Capt. Eugene Ebanks.  

McKeeva Bush was elected as the first member from West Bay where he has served
for the past three decades.  

Rivers was elected as the second member from West Bay.  

Bernie Bush will take the third elected members post, serving his first term in
the Legislative Assembly. Captain Eugene Ebanks will retain his seat in the
house as the fourth elected member from the district. 


  1. All of the promises that she made during her campaign I hope she will come through.

    I won’t be surprised if she isn’t already meeting with PPM because they are majority and she’s wants a Ministry!! Good luck and God’s willing there is always 2017.

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