PPM sweeps up in Bodden Town

People’s Progressive Movement took all four Legislative Assembly seats in the
district of Bodden Town during Wednesday night/Thursday morning’s general

to office in Cayman’s first capitol will be MLA Anthony Eden and former MLA
Osbourne Bodden as the first and second elected members for the district.  

newcomers Wayne Panton and Alva Suckoo have also been ushered into office by Bodden
Town voters.  

victory in Bodden Town will give the PPM the inside track to forming the next
government with party MLA Moses Kirkconnell winning his seat in Cayman Brac and
Little Cayman and PPM candidates contesting for several seats in George Town.  


  1. Ok, PPM sweeps up in Bodden Town. Now let us see what they are going to do for those poor people up there who have been out of work, house need repairs form hurricanes and especially the flooding’s at Belford and Cumber Avenue. Let us see what is their decision about the dump. Because the PPM is full of promises, I do hope the people of Cayman are watching them closely. Slippery little bunch. so let us watch and see how the four deliver for the people up there in Bodden Town.

  2. BT folks voted for them specifically becuase they promised to keep the dump out of BT. Which they may actually do, but where will that leave MT Trashmore, maybe 100 Ft High..

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