Trinity does things in threes

Ace band Trinity plays Live on the Paseo, Camana Bay on Friday, 24 May. As is our custom, Weekender spun around for five minutes and got all dizzy then asked Cory Allenger some questions.

What are the best three things in the world? 

Music obviously would be the first one. Food because as an island child at heart, I just can’t get enough. And lastly, good company. I like to support those I love as much as I love being supported. 


Who is the third best band in the world and why aren’t they top? 

Well, I can’t say for sure. I’d say there are a lot of really equally great musicians/artists out there. It’s hard to say which is better. But as far as popularity goes, I would think that is always adapting and changing depending on the music market at the time. Bearing that in mind would be the first step in my opinion. 


Why do people get bronze medals for coming third and not, say, copper? 

This one I would imagine is because who in their right mind would want a giant penny with string tied to their neck as a show of accomplishment?  


In three years time, what will Cayman be talking about? 

Cayman would obviously be talking about Trinity. I’m sure we’ll make a fairly big imprint on the music community in Cayman 🙂 


What is the third song you are going to play at the Paseo? 

Usually it’s all chosen on a whim, but just because you asked we’ll play an original I wrote a couple years back. It’s called At All. 


Three bits of band trivia we don’t know please. 

We are all technically from different areas of the world. Jarrett was born here, I was born in Florida, and Kate (mum) was born in the UK. We are all pretty much self taught musicians. And each band member has their own musical style collaborating to make what we call Trinity. 


Catch the band free on Friday, 24 May from 7pm to 10pm. 

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