Courts have new senior deputy clerk

Tomica Daley has joined the staff of Judicial Administration as senior deputy clerk of court and registrar for the Financial Services Division. 

“After many years of exceptional service, Mrs. Audrey Bodden has relinquished these roles, but continues as registrar of the Court of Appeal; from 1 July 2013, this will be on a part time basis,” Court administrator Kevin McCormac said. 

Ms Daley is a qualified attorney with extensive experience as a senior clerk of courts in Jamaica, Mr. McCormac said. He noted that she also holds a certificate in public administration from the University of the West Indies. 

Ms Daley took up her new post on Monday, 13 May. She may be contacted at 244–3808 and [email protected] 

Mrs. Bodden may be contacted at 244–3855 and at [email protected]; her office is now on the fourth floor of Kirk House. 


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