Meals On Wheels cash boost

A charity dominoes match in George Town has raised $200 for a worthy cause. 

Golden Diner dominoes club played 30s Dominoes club two weeks ago at the newly opened Golden Diner restaurant on School Road, opposite the T.E. McField Annex. 

The dominoes match was organised by Golden Diner restauranteur Lance Simmonds and the recipients was the Meals On Wheels programme, situated next door to his establishment.  

Simmonds is a Christian and a lover of dominoes and his objective is to reach out to fellow members and players and convey God’s love. 

A total of 53 players were involved and there were plenty of spectators. The next competition is planned for 17 June.  

“We would like to thank National Building Society for contributing the jerseys for Golden Diner,” Simmonds said. “We appreciate their continued dedication to community development and their recognition of dominoes as a sport. 

“We would also like to thank all the member from both teams who worked tirelessly to make this event happened and to the avid supporters. We look forward to your continued support.” 


The dominoes matches were keenly contested.


The Golden Diner team had a magnificent time. – PHOTOS: SUBMITTED

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