Cayman Associated School of Karate Kids will get a kick out of camp

Cayman Associated School of Karate, one of Cayman’s largest and most popular traditional martial arts schools, will be offering its ongoing Youth Programme for little ones aged four to 12 throughout the summer months with five classes each week at King’s Sports Centre.

The challenging, but fun programme is tailored to give children the tools and technology to excel in school and life through disciplined high performance karate training, Sensei Greg Reid, the chief instructor and national team coach, said in a press release.

“CASK is the only martial arts school on the Island that offers a unique certification programme called Best Karate that challenges youths to develop physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some of the many benefits of Karate training include discipline, respect, bully-proofing, focus, physical fitness, leadership, goal setting, team work, etiquette, Japanese language, and more,” Mr. Reid said.

Mr. Reid, has been back in Cayman for the last several years to promote the traditional values of Wado Karate and is in the process of developing the official national team for the Cayman Islands. He is the technical director for Wado Karate Association of Canada and has been teaching karate for almost 40 years globally.

CASK teaches one of four legitimate styles of karate called Wado (School/Way to Peace). A member of the World Karate Federation (with International Olympic Committee recognition), CASK is the only school in Cayman that is affiliated with the World United Karate Organisation. These two organisations are the largest and only globally recognised bodies that control the sport and art of Karate worldwide.

The camp is being held throughout the months of July and August, Monday to Thursday, from 4.30pm to 5.30pm and Saturday, 11am to 12pm. Camp is $100 per week for five classes and children need no prior karate experience to join in the fun.

To register your child, call 925-3367.