Amanda Miller goes with the creative flow for her painting

The artwork displayed on the walls of Full of Beans cafe this month is the result of artist Amanda Miller ‘letting go’ completely.  

Rather than trying to control the idea or image she was creating, she says, when she let go of her inhibitions, emotions and fears about how the painting may turn out, she had the clarity to conjure her true imaginings.  

“Quiet time is essential for this as I have to be in the right mind set and when the flow has momentum it’s truly magical,” she says. “I feel the painting come alive.” 

Although her background is in graphic art and illustration, she describes her painting style as spontaneous and representational rather than realistic, although recently she has begun to incorporate some of her illustrative background into her paintings.  

Originally from Australia, she says the landscapes she paints are rooted in her homeland.  

“The one constant in all of my work is the exploration of colour, form and my continuing quest for relaying how I interpret the world around me,” the artist says.  

Working primarily in acrylics – she doesn’t have the patience for oils or the discipline for water colours – she likes to use palette knives as, she explains, “I love the rawness it lends my pieces which reflect the image I am conjuring.” 

It’s all about going with the flow, and letting the painting unfold organically for this artist.  

“I don’t get hung up or lost on small details,” she says. “Instead I let the image, colours and emotions they invoke in me guide me until the painting feels right.  

“Painting is completely meditative and spiritual for me. Whilst people may not see this, they can expect to see how I interpret the world around me. I couldn’t imagine another creative outlet as painting fulfils me completely. Life is a blessing.” 


Conjuring Imaginations will be exhibited at Full of Beans for the month of June 

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