Cotterell brings ‘She Sings’ remix video release party

Elements is the place to be for the official release party of a video by one of Cayman’s brightest musical talents. 

Stephan Cotterell tells us that it’s all kicking off on Saturday, 1 June. 

“This is my second video release,” he says. 

“Since the first one I decided to do videos and release parties for all the songs I chose as singles on my up and coming album What Do You Take Me For which is coming out this summer.” 

She Sings is a gorgeous shimmering Caribbean pop single with a laid-back charm that displays all the quality you’d expect from someone who’s been making music for several years. His background includes a co-producer credit on Christina Aguilera’s Around The World plus of course his ever-groovy work with the majestic Caymanian skills of ThE iZ. 

Stephan says that the video release party has a special Twitter element, too. 

“During the party there will be a screen up with a Twitter feed that everyone who tweets #SheSingsRemix will see their tweet during the event on a screen,” he tells us. 

“It’s just another way to try and get some free promotion by getting people to tweet. Not only do I release my videos on the web but I do these events to create a bigger buzz, I would say.” 


Pop style 

Stephan’s style is a mix of pop, Caribbean/dancehall and hip hop. He says he’s influenced by numerous producers and songwriters including Diplo, Imogen Heap, Kanye West, Vybz Cartel, Rico Love and even Coldplay. 

“My plan is make a lot of good music Caribbean influenced music and promote it best way possible and hopefully open or tour with a popular Caribbean artist. 

“I write about my experience for the most part and add a little story telling,” he explains.  

Other artists appearing on the record include JayBass, Josh Pearl and Bubblz – that’s some lineup of Cayman talent right there. Stephan’s eyes are firmly on the prize, for sure. 

“For right now I give my music away for free and these events are simply a way to help generate some income,” he says. 

“Also I feel these events give the music the necessary push to help get the word and my name out there rather then just relying on just social network like most up and coming artists do, which is becoming very oversaturated and played out.” 


The She Sings Remix Video Release Twitter Party is at Elements on Saturday, 1 June at Elements and costs $10 for general admission or $15 for VIP. 


Mr. Cotterell


The future of Cayman’s music scene. – Photo: Submitted