Lil Cinco has something to say

When it comes to young Caymanian artists, the landscape is changing quickly and ever more potent acts are emerging with something to say. 

Lil Cinco is one such artist. His style of rap sounds and feels genuine. It is that sincerity that has been earning the artist attention around the world. 

In dropping by the Caymanian Compass for a chat recently, Lil Cinco took the time out of his busy schedule to speak to us a little bit about his song “Where’s the Justice”. 

“I had a lot to say but could only express myself through the music,” said Cinco, who in the song, jokingly laments McKeeva Bush’s being switched for a woman premier in “a man’s world”.  

He added that most of the people he had spoke with, including politicians, had expressed a liking for the songs. 

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Though he noted, “I could not vote for any of them because I mix with all of them and it would be selfish.”  

In his trademark cool character, Lil Cinco did say that he was not totally closed to the idea of voting but for now his career as a performer took precedence over such matters. 

The artist, who is now 20 years old has been rapping since he was twelve years old and has had a measure of international success with other songs such as “Elevation”, which has had more than 64,000 views on YouTube. 

Additionally, Lil Cinco has also been booked to perform at the Coast to Coast Rap Festival in Florida on 27 June, where he will be judged by AandR representatives for record labels, as well as producers. 

“I write my own lyrics and many times the songs can touch on social issues of the day because I always try to put the truth in the rap,” he noted. 


Lil Cinco
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