Marcus throws Starlet into first

Time Attack recently made a successful return to nighttime racing. 

The Cayman Motorsports Association monthly autocross series completed its latest race last Saturday night at the Progressive Loop in George Town. Michael Weatherford sorted out his red Subaru GC8 Sti and brought it back to take the fight to Bobby Hulse and the Huggins father and son team of Gary and Marcus, in their Kimmar Distributors Toyota Starlet KP61, in the Unlimited category.  

Unfortunately, a single cone had other plans and Weatherford ended up securing fourth place. Hulse took first place in his Toyota Altezza SXE10 with an amazing 65.357 second run, putting him almost 2.5 seconds faster than second place winner Gary Huggins, who managed to sneak past his son Marcus’ time by a mere 0.066 seconds. 

The Unlimited Battle run saw Marcus Huggins pulling out all the stops and securing first place by a hair under two seconds over his nearest competitor, Hulse. 

Street class was jam packed with competition, which brought out some smooth and quick driving. Craig Burke, in his Subaru Impreza GC8 RA, and Reynaldo Powery, in his Nissan Primera P10, found a newcomer to their battle for top spot with veteran Sacha Tibbetts bringing out his BMW M3 E46.  

Burke managed to maintain his dominance this time with a 66.704 second run. However, four thousandths of a second is all that separated first and second place times in an incredible show of driving talent by both Burke and Tibbetts. The last podium spot available was snatched up by Powery, with a 68.921 second run, who was being plagued with fuel starvation issues in the latter part of the event.  

Tibbetts had a 1.2 second lead on Nikko Miller, in his Mitsubishi Mirage CA4A, to win the Street Battle run. 

The association would like to bring attention to improvements which were made by a few of the drivers throughout the night. Luther Lyons, in a Toyota Altezza SXE10, dropped his time by just under 10 seconds in the space of five runs and Nick Young, in a Honda Integra GSR DC2, dropped his time by almost eight seconds.  

Congratulations are in order for Richard Crawshaw, in his Porsche Carerra 4S, as well who dropped his times by 5.8 seconds and only hit four cones. 

The next race is slated for 23 June. 


Reynaldo Powery had a good showing in his Primera.

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