Charges against Joey Ebanks sent to Grand Court

Joey Ebanks, former managing director of the Electricity Regulatory Board, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday, when charges alleging dishonesty were sent to the Grand Court. They were joined with a charge sent up previously and all were set for mention in the higher court on 14 June.

The charge that went to Grand Court first is obtaining a money transfer by deception, that is, by falsely representing that the funds were required for official travel expenses. The amount involved was $1,188.63.

The charges sent up on Tuesday included obtaining property by deception, referring to $67,944 worth of goods from a local store. There were also eight charges of making documents without authority and four charges of obtaining property by deception, as detailed in the Caymanian Compass of 18 April.

Defence attorney Ben Tonner noted that seven charges of theft related to amounts less than $5,000 and therefore could be dealt with in Summary Court only.

Crown Counsel Michael Snape agreed that the theft charges would be mentioned again in July, when the defendant will return to Summary Court on charges of consuming cocaine and possession of a utensil.

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