‘Coolest’ internship contest launched by economic zone

Special economic zone Cayman Enterprise City is encouraging young Caymanians to use technology and get creative by launching its “Coolest Internship in Cayman” contest.  

Two lucky young people who win the contest will secure internships this summer with Cayman Enterprise City and learn the inner workings of Cayman’s technology focused special economic zone. 

The contest, which runs from Wednesday, 29 May, until Monday, 1 July, calls for entrants to make a fun, one to two minute video communicating who they are and why they should be chosen for an internship this summer.  

“There has been much interest in CEC locally and we felt that the internships would be a good way for a couple of young people to learn more about the zone first hand and get an insight into the digital media and technology industries,” said Hilary McKenzie-Cahill, vice president of marketing for CEC. “We are looking forward to mentoring these young interns and helping them discover if the technology sector is a field they may wish to enter as a career path.”  

CEC stressed that winners will be judged on content and creativity and not on the quality of the actual video production. CEC representatives said the contest was not for video professionals, but for the everyday young person. Contest representatives suggest those wishing to enter simply use their smart phone, iPad or iPod touch to make their videos. 

“We believe in guerilla marketing and to spread the word about the contest we have made our own whacky video, which encourages young people to get creative and enter to win,” said Sasha Carrig, business development coordinator for Cayman Enterprise City, who stars in the CEC video.  

“I grew up with some incredibility talented people here in Cayman and this contest is a fun way for people to express themselves using technology,” she added. “After all, CEC is a technology focused zone.” 

To be eligible to enter, entrants must be a resident of the Cayman Islands between the ages of 16 and 25 and those under 18 will need written permission from their parent or guardian to enter.  

The winners will be chosen and announced on 1 July. 


To learn more visit the CEC Facebook page at www.facebook/caymanenterprisecity to read the rules and upload a video. 

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