Art from the deep blue sea

Two artists with a passion for the sea will be showcasing their interpretations Cayman’s underwater riches at the Visual Art Society’s next “Artist of the Season Exhibition”.

Emma Wadsworth will be exhibiting some of her drawings and paintings, featuring wildlife both below and above water, and underwater videographer and photographer Amanda Nicholls will be showing some of her images from below the waves.

The exhibition opens this evening at 6pm at Watler House in Pedro Castle. Complimentary drinks and nibbles will be served until 9pm.

The exhibition will run through the weekend, from noon to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Emma, originally from the UK, moved to the Cayman Islands a year ago to take up a position as a mental health nurse.

“My job can be very demanding and challenging,” she says. “So I find drawing, painting and creating images something that gives me time to think and spend time in my own head”.

Emma is influenced by what she sees in her surroundings and uses different mediums including acrylics, pencil and ink to create her exciting works.

Since moving to Grand Cayman, Emma has been witness to new sights, sounds and experienced things she has never seen before. She has recently taken up diving and her exploration of the Cayman seas has really inspired her work.

“I love to spend time in the water, staring at the fish and marine life and concentrating on the colours, intricate patterns and different movements of creatures which I find fascinating,” she says.

Amanda, also from the UK, moved to Cayman in 2005. Originally, the plan was to stay for six months, but seven years later she is still here, captivated by the beauty of the island’s clear blue sea. Although her diving career has taken her to many beautiful destinations, she says that the diving, the beaches and the people of Cayman completely captured her heart.

She now works as a photo/video professional, specialising in underwater photography and hopes through her work to bring some of the beauty and magic of the underwater world to the surface, to inspire and educate other to look after our oceans and all that lives in them.

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