Red, White and Blues live

The First Friday event is an extravaganza at Camana Bay featuring music, art and a great cause.

As the name suggests, it takes place on the first Friday of the month. Visual Arts Society artists are to be on hand to share and discuss their work. All are invited to learn more about the organisation, have fun and show support for a worthy cause.

This month, the Cayman Islands Humane Society will be the beneficiary of that good will. They tell us that June is “Adopt-a-Cat Month” and there are more cats in need than ever. The shelter will be on hand to share cat care tips, adoption information and details on friendly feline residents – from cute, cuddly newborns to mellow, older cats.

Inverse will open the show. They are a local indie rock band dreaming of becoming big and currently taking Cayman by storm. Weekender banged our heads on a doorframe by accident then caught up with Bob Moseley of the Red, White and Blues band who headline Friday, 7 June’s appearance at Camana Bay.

What is white and red and blue all over?

Me, before I quit drinking!

What’s better: White Stripes or Red Stripe?

Listening to White Stripes while enjoying a cold Red Stripe.

Why do we sing the blues? Blue skies are good skies after all.

Good question but a better one to ponder is “Can a Blue Man sing the Whites”.

What is the best dinner featuring red, white and blue ingredients?

Red Cajun crawfish (gotta suck the head baby), White Label and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Oh and any news on the band we oughta know?

Got a new bass player, Richard Terry, new original tunes and just heard that our drummer Don Foster has been declared a National Historic Monument! And he’s about to become a Father again! You can catch RW&B at Margaritaville every Wednesday and at Havana Club every Saturday. Rock on!

First Friday events are free. Friday, 7 June, 7 to 11pm, Camana Bay.

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