Moonlight and movies for Camana Bay

Every Tuesday at 7pm, beginning in June and running through August, families can come together to enjoy a different movie under the stars in Camana Bay’s Gardenia Court.

We’re told that you can set up a picnic on the grass or just bring a blanket, relax and enjoy the show. Entry is always free. Here’s what June has to offer.

Tuesday, 4 June

“Antz” (1998, PG) A neurotic ant tries to break from his totalitarian society while trying to win the affection of the princess he loves.

Tuesday, 11 June

“Kicking and Screaming” (2005, PG) A laidback family man is suddenly transformed into a caffeine-fuelled sports fanatic when he becomes coach of his son’s unruly soccer team.

Tuesday, 18 June

“Over the Hedge” (2006, PG) A scheming raccoon and a mismatched family of forest creatures invade the new suburban sprawl that popped up while they were hibernating.

Tuesday, 25 June

“Back to the Future” (1985, PG) A teenager is accidently transported 30 years into the past by a time-travelling DeLorean invented by his friend, Dr. Emmett Brown.

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