It’s a holiday weekend, so party

Ya know, when an event is billed as Assets you pretty much know what’s coming. Still, there ain’t nothing wrong with short shorts either and music comes from DJ Von HD, DJ Royal and DJ Ryan for this Margaritaville bash on Friday, 14 June. 

It all kicks off at 8pm and admission is $10 if you’re wearing shorts, $15 if you are not. We presume that means wearing trousers, skirts or some kind of other gear, rather than naked from the waist down, which could cause all sorts of issues that don’t bear thinking about. So don’t do it, and don’t think about it either. 

Alternatively, or concurrently, or even consecutively if you’re quick, you can head to Elements at 10pm the same night where Chromatic is guest starring alongside resident DJ Selecta Renegade and Canadian phenomenon Rachel Sehl. Ladies, we’re told, are free before 11pm. We mean, get in free. Get your mind out of the gutter. Sheesh. 

In case you didn’t notice, it’s also a holiday weekend which means there’s gonna be parties all over the crunk on Sunday, 16 June. 

Why, here’s one at Elements in the company of Partyrockers Entertainment, who, as is their occasional wont, are presenting a graffiti glow party. We remember this one from last year and it was funsome goodtimes so head to the Strand venue from 11.30pm. Summer, they say, has officially started and to celebrate, the gang is taking everyone back to the last day of school.  

We don’t think that means the day you got expelled for putting drawing pins on the teacher’s chair, but more like when everyone wrote their names on each other’s shirts for some reason. Anyway people are being exhorted to wear white – free markers will be given out so you can tag each other, collect phone numbers and definitely not draw pictures of rude things on people’s backs when they’re not looking. No, that would never do. (You’re still thinking about the no-shorts thing aren’t you? Us too.) 

Anyway the walls will be glo-painted with loads of illuminated bits n bobs. DJ Von HD is back in action along with DJ Lin and VJ Mars.  

DJ Von tells us that the 2012 bash was the biggest party of the year. 

“This will be even bigger,” he says. 

“There is a different atmosphere at this one than any other club night anywhere. The club is totally transformed. It’s a whole new world of fun.” 

Students with college ID can get in free until 1am, as can the ladies. Otherwise it’s $5/$15 VIP for ladies, $10/$20 for men. And, we note, there will be free glow in the dark jello shots all night.  

But halt one second there, super-soldiers of the sparkle-starred night, for there is also the small matter of Vibestime’s fifth anniversary party at Jet Nightclub, also on Sunday, 16 June.  

Doors are at 11.50pm on Sunday and it runs into Monday right up to 4am. Whoa! DJ Wicked is coming down from NYC and we’re also gonna get discs spinned, spun, span and spoon by DJ Preston an DJ Atom Skills. Coppershot is also coming across from Kingston, guys, so the music’s guaranteed to melt the walls. Expect prizes and giveaways and – hey there – free shots for the ladies all night. What is it with the female type of human here that means they get free stuff? That’s hardly fair now is it? Is it something to do with the aforementioned assets? Lawdy flip. 


DJ Wicked

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