Students take on historic roles

Triple C students became famous historical people during its second “Wax Museum” observance. 

Teacher Marty Minton created the 6 June event as part of her enrichment programme for grades 2 through 5. 

It included 32 students, who took on the challenge to research, create displays and assume the role of famous people. Participants were students who maintained an “A” and “B” average in school and who were also on the Citizenship Honour Roll. 

As guests entered the school’s multipurpose hall, they found themselves in the company of great characters such as Queen Elizabeth II, Benjamin Franklin, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks, Helen Keller, Michael Jordan, Betsy Ross, Florence Nightingale, Martin Luther King Jr., Pocahontas, Mother Teresa and Janet Jackson.  

As they strolled around the hall, they could hear about the life of each character by touching the yellow sticker on the students’ right hand, which brought the sitting character to life to tell their story. The seriousness and focus that was displayed by these students was impressive, as they sat patiently waiting for someone to press their character button. 

Mrs. Minton stated, “Once again, the Wax Museum was a huge success. Each student learned the process of researching, taking notes, outlining and condensing all their information into notes for their presentation. They did this in a very fun and meaningful way. I am very proud of each one of the presenters.”  

Mable Richardson, principal and chief administrative officer, said, “The Wax Museum serves as an enrichment vehicle to lift our curriculum via differentiated learning and at the same time provide an opportunity for our students to research, imitate great human beings, and develop public speaking skills.” 


Ethan Harper, second grade, as Michelangelo.


Drevon Manderson, fifth grade, as Chuck Norris.


Maya Lawrence-Tatum, second grade, as Princess Diana.


Krista Buck, fifth grade, as Florence Nightingale.


Austin Harris Jr., second grade, as Benjamin Franklin. – Photos: Submitted


Matthew Cartagena, fourth grade, as Cristiano Ronaldo.


Jessica Powery-Caputo, fifth grade, as Cleopatra.


Gioenne Rocero, fourth grade, as Mother Teresa.

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