Dart Realty plans new building at Camana Bay

Dart Realty (Cayman), Ltd. announced plans for 18 Forum Lane, an 85,000-square-foot retail and office building located at Camana Bay.  

The new building will come in addition to office spaces at 94 Solaris Avenue, 69 Forum Lane, 89 Nexus Way and garden offices in the facility’s town center. 

“Our decision to develop Camana Bay’s next substantial commercial and retail space now is a reflection of the market’s positive reaction to our mixed-use community and continued confidence in the Cayman economy,” said Jackie Doak, chief operating officer of Dart Realty. “18 Forum Lane is good news, not only for Camana Bay, but also for the Cayman Islands as a project of this size will generate jobs and provide immediate economic stimulus.”  

The new office building is designed to achieve LEED certification. LEED is a programme that provides third-party verification of sustainable, green buildings. Dart Realty said a solar array will generate energy savings of 20 per cent in the new commercial space. 

“Mr. Ken Dart’s vision for Camana Bay is for the town to grow organically over the long term, adapting to the economic, environmental and social concerns of the island,” Ms Doak said. “With more than 90 per cent of the office space at Camana Bay leased, we are seeing demand from the corporate market for energy-efficient, flexible space which can accommodate business of varying sizes.”  

18 Forum Lane will include ground floor retail space and office space on three upper levels.  

The building is designed to be an integral part of the Town Center while paying homage to traditional Cayman building craft, Dart Realty said.  

One notable design feature will be metal cladding fabricated to resemble the distinctive corrugated zinc roofs that cover traditional Cayman cottages.  

Another of 18 Forum Lane’s design features is a central courtyard.  

Conceived as an outdoor room with ample shade by day and engaging lighting at night, this courtyard is a reflection of Camana Bay’s commitment to maintain at least 30 per cent of the town as open, public space. 

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