PACE gears up against cancer

At the forefront of the fight against colon and prostate cancer in the Cayman Islands is the Lions Club of Grand Cayman, which has launched a campaign to educate the public on how to prevent these diseases. 

To raise awareness of the cancers that primarily affect men, the club has organised PACE, a Prostate and Colon Cancer Event, which runs over three days and begins later this month. 

The three-day run/walk is in memory of past Lion president Delano Hislop who lost his battle with colon cancer in January 2011. 

This is the second year the Lions Club of Grand Cayman is hosting the Delano Hislop Memorial Three Day Journey for Life. 

Last year, the event raised about $40,000. 

The funds raised will be shared between the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and HospiceCare, with 50 per cent going to the Cancer Society, 25 per cent to HospiceCare and 25 per cent to the Lions Club to promote awareness of the disease year round. 

During the run-up to last year’s inaugural event, the Cancer Society received more enquiries from the public about prostate, colon and testicular cancer within a 30 day period that it had for the entire previous year, organisers said. 


The event 

The walk/run starts at the Lions Club Community Centre on Crewe Road on each of the three days, starting at 4am on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, 29 June to 1 July, with participants covering 15 miles each day.  

There is a minimum registration fee of $500. 

Coordinator of the PACE event, Alfonso Wright explained: “Last year, the Lions Club of Grand Cayman embarked on a robust campaign to educate the country on the effects and possible prevention of diseases that primarily affect men’s health, starting with prostate, colon and testicular cancers. 

“The prevalence of the related issues locally and regionally have prompted us to at least try and create an acute awareness and hopefully remove some of the dangerous myths that prevent many individuals from even getting checked in the first place.”
He added: “We lost one of our past presidents in January of 2011 to colon cancer and we decided to stop talking and do something about helping others.” 

Prostate cancer survivor Roy Bodden, who is president of the University College of the Cayman Islands, has become the official spokesman on cancer for the Lions Club of Grand Cayman. He spoke out in April, at the announcement of the PACE event, about his battle against cancer, saying he had been prompted to talk publicly about having prostate cancer by the reluctance he has seen in other men who feel too macho or embarrassed to undergo tests that can lead to a diagnosis of prostate or colon cancer. The organisers are inviting corporate sponsors as well as volunteers to take part in the event. Some 130 volunteers will be needed to help with the walk/run. 


To volunteer, to sponsor or to get more information, call 92-LIONS 
(925-4667) or email [email protected] 

The three-day run/walk is in memory of past Lion president Delano Hislop who lost his battle with colon cancer in January 2011. 


Mr. Bodden

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