Cayman Islands Band wows Honduras

A special mas band from Cayman has been winning trophies for ten years at the Honduras Carnival. 

Griscela Ebanks tells us that when the band started a decade ago it was a marketing project for Moneygram. However, when that ended, the band was invited by the Honduras tourism department to attend the carnival. 

And thus the Cayman Islands Band was born; over the years the group has grown to comprise some 40 Caymanians and around 30 people from Honduras, Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad, Guyana, UK and Germany. 

Each year, the costumes are designed by the very talented Reba Dilbert of Cayman and Roger Hicks, who hails from Trinidad and Tobago. 

“Without the assistance of these two designers we wouldn’t be so successful as we are,” she says. 

Indeed, Griscela herself, as co-ordinator, is a vital part of the process, pulling together the Cayman contingent and making sure everyone is comfortable, has a place to stay and enjoys themselves in La Ceiba. 

“We would like to also thank each and every participant that make this possible, you all are stars,” says Griscela. 

The band, she explains, had fourteen big pieces during the parade. Cayman Islands Band won first place at the Carnival competition in the Luxurious category, competing with local bands and other countries including Brazil, Korea, Japan, Mexico and the United States. 

“We went for the spirit of carnival and judges said they’d never seen extravagance like that. We won a trophy and there will be a prize giving ceremony at a date to be announced,” explains the coordinator. 

The band would like the involvement of more local people, says Griscela. 

“This is not just masqueraders but Las Tortugas Pirates normally open the parade for us; they are the ones in front then the masquerader big pieces come. We try to combine a little bit of everything that Cayman has to offer when we come to carnival.” 


The band can be found on Facebook by searching Cayman Islands Band. 


The Cayman Islands Band has touched the road in Honduras to great effect. – Photo: Submitted

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