Lynx blowout the Lady Saints

Women’s flag football games continued at the Ed Bush stadium in West Bay on Saturday and one of the best action came in the first game between Scorpions and Zulu’s Warriors.  

It was an intense game that went into overtime with the teams tied. Zulu’s managed to missed the extra point which led Scorpions to their third win of the season 13-12.  

Scorpions are now going into the season as 3-0. QB touchdowns were scored by Monque Roberts and Cassandra Bodden. Jessica Pawlik had a great game for Scorpions. 

The Lynx blew out the Lady Saints 43-0. The rookie team did not seem to have moved the ball, which gave Lynx an advantage throughout. Kim Rivers, QB for the Lynx made some great passes. Touchdowns and extra points were made by Jenn Cartorelo, Shenel Gall, Christania Parker, Saneta Smith and Jessica Ebanks. The Lynx are now 1 of 3 for the season.  

Andro Killa Panthers stepped on the Maples as they played an entertaining game winning 22-0. QB Christina Hefner made some great passes for the Killa Panthers. Touchdowns were made by Shamar Moore, who also scored the extra point. The Andro Killa Pnathers did not give Maples anything. 

Star Athletics squeezed through with a 2-0 win over the Lady Sharks. The ball was hiked and dropped in the end zone by the Lady Sharks which cost them the game.  

The Ultra B’zzz lost their first game this season to last year’s champs, Wolverines, 12-0. Both teams played a great defence but that did not stop Caribbeans Top Model Treveen Stewart from scoring, as she ran a ball back from the punt return which paved the way for Wolverines to win the game. Marlena Smith on the Ultra B’zz played well as the ball was in her possession most of the game but unfortunately things did not go well for Ultra B’zzz. 

Maples Dolphins beat Hurricanes 7-6 in an extremely tight game. Maples Dolphins managed to get an extra point and claim the win which was disappointing for the Hurricanes as they played a solid defensive game. 

The DMS West Bay HellCats dynasty have stepped up their game in the past two weeks. They did not give the WestStar Saints any mercy, winning 41-0. Nathan Narcisse intercepted three balls, two counting as pick sixes. He played a superb defensive game. Phil “Pacman” Brown, who has taken over Oliver “DarkStar” Parker’s position is showing that he is more than capable as a running back, as he also added two touchdowns to the blowout against the Saints. The Saints struggled in this game QB was under a lot of pressure from Hellcats. 

The Cox Colts seemed to have not got it together another week, as the LoneStar Mustangs ran over them in the third game of the season 33-0. LoneStar Mustangs with veteran players Josh Parson, Jon “Pumphaus” Pump and Luigi Moxam paved the way as they dominated throughout. 

The BK Panthers ate the KMPG Sharks raw 30-0. This was an interesting game to watch. Quarterback Chris Lucas made some great passes. David “Swaggy” Taylor was in good form. Veterans Brendan Malice, Taj Haye, Andrew Frederick and Jonathon Carter all contributed in an outstanding defensive display.  

The fourth week of the Digicel Flag Football Premier League continues this Saturday at the Ed Bush Field. Games start with KPMG-WestStar Saints, BK Panthers v CPSM Hurricanes, Maples ThunderCats v Star Athletics, Andro Killa Panthers v Wolverines, Lady Sharks v Lynx, Maples Dolphins v Cox Colts, Crossfit 7 Mile v Lady Saints, LoneStar Mustangs v HellCats and Zulu’s Warriors v Ultra B’zzz. 


Kim Rivers was brilliant for Lynx. – PHOTOS: MATTHEW YATES


Chris Lucas made some great passes for BK Panthers.


Jon Pump ran superbly for the Mustangs.


Jessica Ebanks contributed to the Lynx win.

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