Red Cross: go tapeless

While hurricane season has only been under way for a few weeks, the Cayman Islands Red Cross has been working diligently year round to ensure that individuals, communities and the nation are taking meaningful steps to ensure that they are as prepared as they can be, and as resilient as possible should a hurricane strike.

The CIRC is reminding residents that, while masking and duct tape are important parts of one’s disaster supplies and recovery kits, they are absolutely useless in making windows and glass doors safer during a storm.

“This is a terrible myth that has cost lives for far too long,” explains the CIRC Disaster Manager Danielle Coleman. “The idea behind it is that putting tape- be it masking or duct – on the window or glass door will somehow make it “safer” because it will reduce shatter. This is false. Putting tape on windows and glass doors not only gives people a false sense of security, but can increase the risk of accidents and fatalities because the shards of glass will likely be much larger,” she clarifies.

The Go Tapeless Campaign, which was created by the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes in the United States, was launched at the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando last year.

“It’s a brilliant campaign, and one that remains timeless until such time as this practice has been all but eradicated from our practice and consciousness,” Ms Coleman states.

“Tape continues to be an important component of pre- and post disaster kits, but it’s important that people also understand the limitations of some of these tools. The CIRC is more than happy to assist those who have questions on how to build a disaster kit, or create a family disaster plan, and our services are free of cost and open to all residents of our Islands,” she adds.

For more information on how to create a disaster kit or family emergency plan, contact the Cayman Islands Red Cross on 949-6785 ext. 22.

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