Students raise money for dialysis

Loose change, walks and dress down days are just some of the ways that students at St. Ignatius Catholic School supported Cayman Carnival Batabano’s quest to raise funds to help the George Town Hospital buy a kidney dialysis machine.

The Primary School’s Year 5 Class led the way when it came to raising funds. Inspired by a video which their teacher, Maria Kennedy, showed them of a lady receiving her dialysis as a way of answering their questions about what a kidney dialysis machine was, what it was used for and why it was needed the children wanted to do more.

“My students were touched emotionally by the video and they decided to do more, so that they could raise more, for the dialysis machine. The next day, four students brought in loose change to start the collection, and one of them had literally emptied her piggy bank; two days later, her sister, who is in Year 3, emptied her piggy bank and donated her change to the collection as well,” she said.

“Every day after that, children in Year 5K brought in coins and deposited them in the collection box – a large pencil money box. As soon as it was full, they counted the contents and then turned the funds over to the hospital.”

The students came up with lots of other ideas, one of which was the fun run/walk which the Batabano committee hosted at Smith Cove.

The Primary school had a dress down day with all students paying a minimum of $2 for the privilege of wearing their own clothes; while staff decided not to purchase special T-shirts but rather to donate $10 each towards the purchase of the dialysis machine.

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