Little Powell got gigantic laughs

Anyone who celebrated the long weekend with a few cocktails and a belly full of laughs at the Laughter Lounge certainly got their money’s worth.

It returned at the Great Room in the Strand on Friday and Saturday featuring American comedians Robert Powell and T.C. Cope.

The slightly built Powell started the night and bravely had a pop at the gigantic basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, whose All Star Comedy Tour he has just joined.

Powell has a wry line of material some might find offensive. He pushed the barriers too far as far as O’Neal was concerned and they had words. So most of his performance was highlighting the gags which upset O’Neal. They were certainly not politically correct but, to an extent, Powell justified himself in a very funny way.

Powell is from Louisiana, so inevitably there were some redneck gags thrown in.

T.C. Cope motto is “laughing is living” and he certainly brought plenty of that out of the crowd.

Brought up by his grandma, the dear old lady definitely adhered to the old school methods of tough love to instil discipline in the youngster.

Bed wetting was not tolerated, beatings with a broomstick were accepted as a way of life and when he tried to run away from her, tripping him up was an effective way of preventing escape.

Somehow Cope makes all this cruelty sound hilarious.

He also talks amusingly about black people not watching horror films, especially the Friday the 13th series. “Have you ever seen a black person in any of those films?” he asks. “No! Because we don’t watch them. They’re too scary.

“We don’t even go to night clubs if it’s Friday 13th.”

Cope could also double up as a singer, he has a wonderful voice and was not shy in demonstrating his wide range. Bluegrass is one of his favourite genres and he also teased humour out of singing some country.