General Registry trials online system

As part of its plan to go paperless, General Registry is piloting the second phase of its upgraded online system, to determine how well the system is working. The first phase consisted of staff training and ended in December.  

The system will be tested for three months, after which it is expected to be available to all Cayman Islands Online Registry Information Service subscribers.  

The registry’s objective is to move to completely paperless transactions for all company related services such as registrations, change of names or amended memorandums and articles.  

After three weeks, there have been no major glitches and the registry was able to increase turnaround times and make the tracking of submissions and retrieval of documents more efficient, the government said in a news release. 

Deputy Registrar Donnie Dixon, who is in charge of the project, said the current turnaround time for registering a company is three to five business days. However, with the online system, registrations will be sent back to the client electronically within 48 hours.  

“In addition, expedited service will be dealt with in four hours, compared to the current time of 24 hours, which is quite significant for the registry and invaluable to all businesses,” Mr. Dixon said.  

Registrar General Cindy Jefferson-Bulgin said once the second and final phase is completed, the system will go live for all subscribers. “We will be in a very good position to maximise efficiency and use our resources in more beneficial ways.” 

The system was developed in 2009 by Brac Informatics Center in collaboration with government’s Computer Services Department and the registry. It is designed to provide a more effective and reliable platform to communicate with service providers and allow them to monitor progress in real time.