A regional mini-break is just the ticket

Although staycations can be a welcome respite in the summer, there are a number of destinations close by that are well worth a look. Places like Florida, Jamaica, Cuba and Honduras don’t take any time to reach, so even a weekend trip feels like a refreshing change.

La Ceiba, Honduras is only an hour’s flight away with both Cayman Airways and Aerolineas Sosa offering direct hops from Grand Cayman. From there, you can either explore the mainland of Honduras, or take a smaller plane or ferry to one of the Bay Islands.

Roatan is a particularly popular Bay Island with lush vegetation, hills and excellent diving. Just as Cayman Brac has a West End, so has Roatan, an area known for its dive resorts. Many who remember Grand Cayman 30 years ago will appreciate the casual atmosphere here, particularly when out socialising.

The Bay Islands have a close connection with the Cayman Islands through their geography and people, so don’t be surprised if you hear familiar accents as you explore them.

Guanaja, also one of the Bay Islands, is known as the Venice of Honduras, due to the waterways that run through its many houses on stilts. Boats are the only real method of transport here.

Off Guanaja you’ll find the eight-acre private cay known as Graham’s Place. Graham Thompson of Grand Cayman has transformed this once undeveloped area of land into a beautiful resort, featuring rooms and private bungalows overlooking the sandy beach, clear seas and the hills of Guanaja.

Here you can go for a leisurely swim, take out a kayak or just relax in one of the myriad hammocks throughout the property. Mingle with the locals who come to moor at the dock as you enjoy a meal and some drinks over the water.

Graham’s Place is a popular spot for visitors from Cayman, the US and beyond. Bone fishing enthusiasts fly in from as far as Montana to partake in the sport as the fish are plentiful around the cay. In fact, you can just cast out a line from your dinner table if the mood takes you, as you feast on a meal of lobster thermidor.

If you’re feeling active, take a short boat ride to Guanaja and climb up to one of several waterfalls on the island. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon, getting back to nature.

Speaking of nature, you’ll walk past Graham’s large outdoor aquarium full of turtles, barracudas and stingrays as you arrive at the property; see parrots and macaws in his custom-built enclosure; catch the odd agouti out of the corner of your eye as it runs home, and witness Graham feeding Tom and Jerry, two tame pelicans that fly down every morning for breakfast.

What are you waiting for? Fly to Honduras on the Friday and fly back on the Monday. A change is as good as a rest, and this change of scenery is definitely worth exploring.