Catch, kill and eat those lionfish

Hunters, get your spears out, and gatherers, ready your collection receptacles – it’s time to go after those lionfish once again.

The inaugural lionfish tournament in support of the National Trust for the Cayman Islands is being hosted by the Cayman Cabana on Saturday, 20 July. The battle is an ongoing one, and needs as many cullers as possible to help keep lionfish numbers under control.

In addition to removing these voracious predators from the sea, the tournament aims to continue to raise awareness of the issue as well as to raise funds for the National Trust.

For divers, lionfish culling tournaments provide a great incentive to hone one’s hunting technique, have fun and remove a whole lot of the feathery fish from our reefs.

Cullers will go out in teams of four at whatever time they choose on Saturday, to dive or snorkel at the site of their choice, for as long as they wish, as long as they present themselves, and their catch, at Cayman Cabana for the weigh-in at 3pm.

Participants will receive a complimentary bucket of Heineken and cooked lionfish tasting platters, prepared by Cayman Cabana.

The post-culling party is open to all, however, and four local restaurants will set up on the deck, preparing lionfish in different ways. Taster plates will be available for a donation, with proceeds going to the National Trust’s conservation work.

Prizes in the form of airline tickets, restaurant vouchers and phones will be awarded to the teams catching the most, the largest, and the smallest fish.

Teams must register on Thursday, 18 July at 7pm at Cayman Cabana. There is a registration fee of $100 per team and at least one team member must possess a licence to cull.

For more information on obtaining your lionfish culling licence, contact [email protected] For more information on the tournament, contact [email protected]