Now & Then exhibition travels to Cayman Brac

Now & Then, the haunting exhibition of photographs by Courtney Platt that blend past and present, will travel to Cayman Brac this month.

“We had an overwhelming response from the community when the exhibition opened in Grand Cayman. So much so that we remounted it for a second run earlier this year,” says Natalie Urquhart, the National Gallery’s director and exhibition curator. “Now we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to travel this important collection to Cayman Brac.”

Now & Then features images of past and present Cayman that have been seamlessly merged together. Working with archival photographs from the Cayman Islands National Archive and the Cayman Free Press Steinmetz Collection, and closely with Urquhart, photographer Platt replicated each archival image and digitally combined past and present to provide a window into Cayman’s history. Iconic landmarks, buildings, events and generations of people blend together in a surreal mixture of imagery.

Urquhart had originally seen the concept done by Russian photographer Sergey Larenchov, who merges World War II-era photos with contemporary shots of identical locations in Berlin, Leningrad, and other European cities. She immediately knew she wanted to recreate the idea in a Caymanian context and, being familiar with Platt’s skill both behind the camera and with Photoshop, she approached him with the challenge. The pair spent numerous hours researching archival images with staff at CINA before narrowing it down to 24 ‘workable’ photographs.

“Courtney has created a remarkable collection. Combining the images seamlessly is what makes Now & Then work as a concept. It requires hours of work and great skill,” says Urquhart. “The result is an incredibly moving collection that resonates with a wide audience.”

Now & Then is scheduled to open at a public event on 15 July at the Cayman Brac Heritage House at 6pm. Platt will be in attendance to talk about the project, along with the National Gallery’s Lesley Arthur and Simone Scott.

Now & Then is on exhibition at the Cayman Brac Heritage House from 15 to 27 July.

Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to noon and 1pm to 5pm, and Saturday 10am to noon.

For further information about Cayman Brac Heritage House, call Saskia Edwards CBHH Programme Coordinator/ District Administration at 9480563. For more information about the Now & Then collection or National Gallery programming call Ivanna on 945 8111 or email [email protected]