CASK is kicking on with a national team in its sights

Cayman Associated School Of Karate held its fourth High Performance Seminar of the year at King’s Sports Centre last week.

The summer seminar was well attended by a large group of young boys and girls eager to challenge and improve their karate skills.

CASK’s High Performance Seminars are based on the World Karate Federation (International Olympic Committee recognised) and World United Karate Organisation rules and regulations and style of competition.

CASK’s Sensei Greg Reid said: “The seminars are based on the science of how youths progress physically and mentally as they prepare themselves for competition on the world’s stage.”

Since 2006, chief instructor Sensei Reid has been building the youth programme at CASK with the intention of developing a national competition team.

CASK also offers women-only and adult coed karate programmes year-round at King’s. CASK also added a soft style Shaolin Tai Chi/Dai Chi programme recently, which has had a positive response.

The junior athletes participated in team work and team building drills, various jumping and plyometric style exercises, agility and speed drills, as well as code of conduct instruction.

Also practised were high-end pad drills, to develop accuracy and manoeuvrability when performing kumite (sparring).

Emphasis was also placed on kata (forms) performance. Throughout the seminar, both team and individual competitive performance were evaluated, analysed and corrected by Sensei Reid.

These High Performance seminars were introduced to the Cayman Islands this year to prepare a future national team to represent the country at all legitimate world-class sport karate competitions including events such as the Pan American Games and World Championships.

“CASK is the only martial arts school in Cayman that offers this style of training,” said Sensei Reid.

“Beginners are welcome to start at any time and CASK is always looking to expand its ever growing youth programme as we develop the Cayman Islands national karate team in coming years.”

For more information about karate at CASK, call 925-3367 or visit