Expenses not covered in travel policy

The civil service travel policy sets out a number of expenses not covered in the government’s travel policy.

Among those items are included airline club membership fees and/or airline upgrades, and country club fees. If a civil servant seeks to upgrade an airline ticket from economy to business class, for example, it must have the prior approval of the relevant supervisor. 

First class tickets for any flight would be paid back to the purchaser, nor would costs for failure to cancel travel or hotel reservations.  

Car rental upgrades would be handled in a similar manner and car washes would not be reimbursed. Any parking tickets or traffic fines incurred during the trip will not be reimbursed.

Laundry and dry-cleaning expenses for trips of five days or less are not included in reimbusable expenses, but could be paid out of per diem.

Dependent care, lawn care, maid service and pet care while a civil servant is away from Cayman is not included in travel costs. 

Excessive tipping – defined as more than 20 per cent of the cost of a single meal – would also not be included. 

Life, accident or flight insurance premiums, lost or stolen property, or the purchase luggage or briefcases during the trip is non-reimbursable.

Items for personal use, from things like newspapers, magazines and books to haircuts and evening or formal wear purposes would not be included in reimbursements. 

Similarly, personal entertainment expenses, including in-flight movies, health club visits, pay-per-view movies, social activities and bar tabs are not included in reimbursements.


  1. One can only assume that the list of items not included must have been paid in the past or at least some of them. Tipping more than 20% seriously – 20% is excessive. This may explain why this country is in the sad state it is if these items have paid in the past. The managers who approved these items in the past; who any of them like to explain to the tax payer of this country what the hell were they thinking of at the time. – country club fees- car washes-lawn care -when civil servants are sent overseas they are meant to be working not attending country clubs or having the lawn cut in Cayman. And laundry – most hotels now days have an iron in the room or you can ask for one.

    This begs the question what other crazy expenses are claimed when people are not traveling. I see people taking their children to school in government vehicles; these should be parked at the government offices over night or only taken home when you are going straight to work away from your office in the morning but not for running personal business when I am paying the bill.

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