Legendary attorney Charles Adams passes

Grand Court Justice Alexander Henderson called for a minute of silence in Grand Court on Friday morning after announcing that attorney Charles Adams had died the previous day.

The judge said Mr. Adams was a prominent member of both the legal and banking professions in Cayman, coming here in 1966 as manager of Scotia Trust Company, the first trust company in these Islands.

By 1972 Mr. Adams had established the Jacques Scott Group, which now employs 85 people, mostly Caymanians.

In 1976 Mr. Adams founded his law firm, Charles Adams and Company, now Charles Adams Ritchie and Duckworth.

He was a founding member of the Legal Advisory Council and sat as a magistrate for various periods between 1982 and 1999 and served as Justice of the Peace since 1987.

Justice Henderson said Mr. Adams always devoted a great deal of time, energy, knowledge and a portion of his wealth to community interests, in particular the National Trust. He was instrumental in drafting the Museum Law.

Mr. Adams is survived by his wife, Sue, and three children.

When Mr. Adams was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire, a government press release noted that he was born in Melbourne, Austrailia, in 1921. 


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