Premier’s office appoints staff

Four new members of staff for Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin were appointed this week.

The appointments include three contract employees and one civil servant, the premier said.

“This group will help government in its mission to work for a better tomorrow and get the Cayman Islands back on course,” Mr. McLaughlin said. “They will be strategic in helping civil servants continue to do excellent work for the government; shielding them from political matters.”

Long-time People’s Progressive Movement backer Roy Tatum will be the premier’s senior political adviser. Mr. Tatum’s chief responsibility is to act as liaison between the political arm of government, the civil service and the public.

Progressives candidate for George Town in the 2013 general election, Kenneth Bryan, has been named political assistant to the premier. He will work under Mr. Tatum providing policy support, research and administrative help to both the senior political adviser and the premier.

Former Caymanian Compass editor Tammie Chisholm will serve as the premier’s press secretary. She will be responsible for communicating the premier’s message to the media.

Kristy Watler, a civil servant, will serve as Mr. McLaughlin’s personal assistant.

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