Lunch break with
beauty treatments

Facial bars, one of the latest beauty treatment innovations that is sweeping through day spas in New York City, Beverly Hills and Miami Beach, have arrived in Cayman.  

Women – and men, of course – who are short of time, can get all the collagen-boosting, wrinkle-reducing, hydrating and skin rejuvenating benefits of a normal facial in a matter of minutes – and all without having to disrobe, or even remove one’s shoes, at Beyond Basics Medical Day Spa. 

These express treatments take between 15 and 30 minutes, so they can easily be squeezed into a lunch hour or spontaneously tagged onto another treatment. But they promise to deliver the same results as a full facial.  

“Although with a regular facial it’s a bit more of an elaborate treatment – we might do a double cleanse, and bring the treatment all the way to your decolletage – essentially you get all the same benefits in an express facial,” Christina Smith, lead aesthetician, says.  

The mini-treatment includes a free consultation during which an aesthetician will decide which of the four treatment options is most suitable for one’s skin type, before getting to work. There’s a choice of rejuvenating, deep core cleansing, deep conditioning or dark circle treatments.  

The facial bar treatments use seaweed-based beauty products from a brand available only through licensed aestheticians, Smith explains, because their molecules are so small they penetrate the outer layer of the skin and target the deeper dermis, making them exceptionally effective. Such strong formulations cannot be sold over the counter, so the masks applied are available only in salons. 

As with a regular facial, during an express facial, one’s skin is thoroughly cleansed, then toned. Next, one of the signature serums is applied in a thick layer. To increase its effectiveness, a special mask is made by mixing a powder and liquid until it forms a thick white paste, which is then spread onto the face to lock in the serum.  

While the nutrients are busy plumping and rejuvenating your skin, you can sit back and enjoy a quick hand massage.  

Five minutes later, the mask dries to a rubbery consistency and is peeled off in a single piece, drawing out impurities with it and revealing brighter, more youthful looking skin.  

Fortunately, sneaking in a quick midday facial needn’t mean that you then have to venture back out into the world bare of make-up, with every blemish and pimple on display. Indeed, these beauty gurus have thought of everything and after applying a generous dose of sunscreen, a makeup artist is on hand to perform a complimentary colour match with Jane Iredale make-up, a line of natural, mineral make-up that nourishes and protects the skin in addition to giving you an even, fresh complexion. 

Half an hour after arrival, you walk out with cleansed and rejuvenated skin, massaged hands and freshly applied make-up – all for about $25. 


Express facials bring you the same benefits in less than half the time of a regular facial, and for a fraction of the cost.

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