Pascal and Nalty seek Pan Am glory


Alex Pascal and Ashleigh Nalty are competing at the Pan American Junior Athletics Championships in Medellin, Colombia this weekend. 

Nalty is in the women’s high jump and Pascal is in the men’s javelin. Both events are on Saturday night.  

They will be accompanied by coach Kenrick Williams and team manager Jenna-Dell Humphrey-Terry.  

“I’m very confident I’m going to get a medal,” said Pascal. “I’ve heard there is a really good thrower from the USA.  

“He is the only one who has thrown more than me, 74 metres, compared to my 72 metres. It’s close so it’ll be a good competition. Other than that, I’m aiming for the gold and a personal best.”  

Pascal has had a personal coach, Roberto Diaz, for the past three months and improved significantly in fitness and technique under the Cuban.  

“I think I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been,” Pascal said. “It’s 100 per cent because of my coach. He’s been training me consistently through rain or shine and pushing me to my limits and taking care of me, making sure I eat right and train right. He has done everything that a coach could possibly do.” 

Pascal, who is 19 in October, is off to the University of Missouri on a scholarship on Monday to study for a business management degree for four years and by then he hopes to be competing with the world’s best men, throwing over 80 metres. 


Ashleigh Nalty has a good chance in the high jump.


Alex Pascal hopes to win gold. – PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD

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