PPM Cabinet remakes planning authority

The Cayman Islands Cabinet has reshuffled the Central Planning Authority, the board responsible for development in Grand Cayman.

Cabinet replaced eight of the 13 board members, effective 1 August, according to the 6 August issue of the Cayman Islands Gazette.

Returning members include chairman A.L. Thompson Jr., Ray Hydes, Rexford Miller and Eldon Rankin. Meanwhile, Edgar Ashton Bodden will represent the Development Control Board (responsible for the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) on the planning authority. (Longtime DCB chairman Ernie Hurlstone used to also sit on the planning authority on behalf of the DCB, but he was not reappointed to the DCB in July.)

The eight new planning authority members include Robert Selkirk Watler, Jr. (deputy chairman), S.T. Bodden, Dalkieth Bothwell, Joseph Coe, Trent McCoy, Selvin Richardson, Sharon Roulstone and Fred Whittaker.

Mrs. Roulstone will be the first woman to serve on the planning authority since at least the past decade.

Mr. Bothwell chaired the authority during the previous People’s Progressive Movement administration from 2005-2009. Mr. McCoy and Mr. Whittaker also served on the authority during that time.

Mr. Rankin was also appointed to the board in 2005, while Mr. Hydes and Mr. Whittaker have served continuously since before 2005. (Mr. Thompson also served on the authority before 2005 but was not reappointed during the first PPM government.)

The following eight authority members were not reappointed: Peterkin Berry, Peter R. Campbell, Dave A. Christian, Gillard McLaughlin, Steve McLaughlin, Alan Myles, Helbert Rodriquez and Antonio Smith. All were appointed in June 2009 except for Mr. Christian, who was appointed in May 2010. Mr. Campbell, Steve McLaughlin and Mr. Smith also served on the authority before 2005.

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