UCCI president responds to bias allegation

As president of the University College of the Cayman Islands, I have read the letter to the editor in [Wednesday’s] Caymanian Compass. This identical matter was raised [Tuesday] morning whilst I was a guest on Rooster 101.9. I gave a public response at that time and, upon my return to the campus, I investigated the matter.

It is my understanding that the post in question was a vacancy for a psychology lecturer and not a sociology lecturer. It is my further understanding that Dr. Frank was informed that he was not “short listed” to be interviewed.

Since Dr. Frank was previously employed as an adjunct lecturer at the University College of the Cayman Islands, his claim of discrimination is without substance.

I trust that this statement puts to rest any accusation of opaqueness in the hiring practice of the university.

J. A. Roy Bodden,

President, UCCI